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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dental Visit

Start Young

Get your child familiar with going to the dentist by their first birthday! Be consistent with their every 6 months check-ups so it becomes a normal part of their routine!

Be Positive

Remember you are their biggest support through this entire experience! Stay positive and calm and reassuring that you will be nearby at all times! Children can often perceive their parent's own anxiety about attending the dentist. Try reading your child a story about a character that had a good dental visit. For young kids, don't be direct or specific about the details. Avoid sharing details or words like "hot, poke, hurt, pull" before the appointment. Please don't say it!

Schedule Smart

Select an appointment time when your child is alert and rested. Small children often do best during morning appointments instead of late in the evening.

Manage Expectations

Simply explain before the visit that the dentist is a friend and will help them keep their teeth healthy and the visit will be fun! Show them a picture of the office and even the doctor to help them know what to expect!

Empower Your Child

Give your child some control over the dental visit. Such choices as "Will you hold your bear or should I?"or "Which color toothbrush do you like?" will make the visit more enjoyable.