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Meet the Orthodontist

Dr. Hojae Choi, D.D.S.

Dr. Hojae Choi, D.D.S.

Dr. Hojae Choi is originally from Seoul, Korea, where she grew up shadowing her orthodontist father. Having been exposed to the field of dentistry and orthodontics since an early age, Dr. Choi found her interest in serving the community by helping patients realize their dream of having beautiful smiles and decided to pursue a dental career. She completed both her bachelor?s degree in biology and dental degree at New York University College of Dentistry through a seven-year accelerated program.

After dental school, she attended Seoul National University School of Dentistry, where she received a master's degree for her research on molecular mechanisms in tooth enamel and dentin development. Following her education in Korea, Dr. Choi practiced as a general dentist in Texas.

While helping patients of all ages achieve healthy smiles, she further developed her passion for restoring optimal oral function by straightening teeth. Her unmatched interest led her to specialize in orthodontics, as well as to complete research on the relationship between types of occlusion (or bite) and temporomandibular joint disorder at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health.

Dr. Choi truly enjoys connecting with her patients and helping them discover amazing smiles they can be proud of. When not providing orthodontic care, she loves to spend time with her husband and her three kittens (Wasabi, Kkongi, and Chili). Her passions outside of orthodontics include traveling, trying new foods/cuisines, making music, and joining fun Zumba classes.