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self ligating braces bracket system

Empower 2 Self Ligating Braces

The bracket system your orthodontist uses matters. That is why we use the best bracket system available for your child. Ask about Empower 2 Self Ligating Braces!

The Smart Choice for a Straight Smile
Empower 2 Self Ligating Braces are the right choice to help you achieve your perfect smile and can help make wearing braces a more positive experience. Empower braces feature self ligating technology, which uses a clip tool to hold your arch wire in place instead of traditional rubber bands (ligatures) that can stain and wear out over time. These clips allow for quicker, easier wire adjustments, which can mean less time in the orthodontist's chair.


Advances Smile Technology Working For You

Empower is designed with your comfort and your orthodontist's treatment goal in mind. Each Empower bracket is built to the highest standard with leading edge, high performance technology.

Empower's contoured edges and sculpted, low profile design mean a smoother surface against your cheek and lips.

No ligatures means a potentially quicker and cleaner experience. Ligatures are prone to discoloration, need to be frequently replaced, and are the leading bacterial trap.

High quality self ligating clips allow for quicker and potentially more comfortable wire adjustments.

Empower's versatile design means your orthodontist has more control over your treatment than ever before, *and can cater treatment to your specific needs with using a one-size-fits-all approach.

*claim based on number of unique Empower options available